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Time is a fundamental concept that measures the duration or sequence of events. It plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, ranging from daily routines to scientific calculations. Understanding time is essential in fields such as physics, astronomy, and scheduling.

Below is a table showcasing various units of time and their common conversions:

Unit Name Unit Symbol Conversion to Second
Second s 1 second
Minute min 1 minute = 60 seconds
Hour hr 1 hour = 3600 seconds
Day d 1 day = 86400 seconds
Week wk 1 week = 604800 seconds
Month mo 1 month = Approximately 2629800 seconds
Year yr 1 year = Approximately 31536000 seconds

A Solar year is equal to a complete earth rotation around the sun. It's equal to approximately 365.25 days


Second is the SI unit of time. Officially defined as the transition frequency of Cesium to be 9192631770 hertz. Hertz is 1/seconds


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